About MagickOven | Best cake in Ujjain
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About Us

Happiness is piece of Cake

Everyone loves sweet things in life, and so do we.

What started as passion has now taken shape of growing business.

The owners – Puneet and Amita are very passionate about sweetness business and take every effort to ensure that Customers are satisfied with the taste and quality. They even casually tell others that they are in “Happiness” business. Each product of MagickOven is intended to make the customer happy.


All our cakes are handmade, handcrafted, carefully baked and #MadeWithLove to deliver the best cake to you.

We believe that we do not offer cakes, but deliver “Happiness” which we see on Customer’s face when they see and eat our cakes.

magickoven ujjain birthday cake
Birthday Cakes

Birthday is the most important day out of 365 days for anyone. Make it special with our cake.

magickoven ujjain anniversary cake
Anniversary Cakes

Let our sweet & special cakes express your lasting love on your Anniversary

magickoven ujjain layer cake
Layered Cakes

Layered Cakes are for special occasions when you have lot of people in your event.

magickoven ujjain photo cake
Photo Cakes

A picture is worth thousand words. With Photo cakes make your event special and memorable.

What They Say
Our Team
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Amita Bajaj
Chief Operations Officer

With eye on every minute aspect of Cake making – its productionqualitydesign and delivery; Amita is the person in-charge.

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-15 at 7.17.13 PM
Puneet Bajaj
Chief Executive Officer

It’s only because of Puneet’s relentless efforts and patience, today Ujjain has a boutique designer cake store. He is the CEO and responsible for everything that happens in MagickOven.